Seek feedback from asian executives investors engineers - united states, newyork

We're launching an exclusive dating matchmaking service for alpha asian males and women who want to date them.

better than tinder.
better than dating apps.
no more swiping.
we do all the matchmaking. you sit back and chill.

seeking feedback from asian executives, investors, engineers, graduate students, lawyers, doctors, accountants

must understand or speak:
mandarin / cantonese

connecting top tier asians worldwide: any age
educated, professional, successful
we connect you with similar quality. no illicit activities. high quality only.

our members will be from north america, asia, europe, south america. we will connect you with people you never knew, and we work efficiently with our global platform.

our service conducts criminal and personal background checks on all members to ensure bots, forex scammers, catfish never have access to the network.

we are not your asian grandma's matchmaker
discreet - communication is private
secret society - no judgment
private network - members only

alpha asian males believe in happiness, health, purpose, prosperity.
personal connections change your life
live your life to the fullest

men - be masculine
women - find your happiness

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United States, newyork
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