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Job description university college is seeking well-qualified and experienced information technology instructors to teach a range of credit-bearing general education courses including the fourth industrial revolution course. . working hours for instructors include teaching 15 - 18 credit hours per week, providing program support and committee work, and holding daily office hours. . instructors are also required to proctor examinations occasionally including weekends. . for all general education courses, there is a set curriculum and pacing guide, but instructors are encouraged to be pedagogically creative in producing and presenting their own materials and activities in classes. . instructors should be comfortable with educational and instructional technologies including learning management systems such as blackboard and the use of smartboards and the integration of dynamic classroom technologies. . in fact, as the united arab emirates university has the goal to be the university of the future, it is imperative that instructors have previous experience in teaching and facilitating online and blended courses. minimum qualification . a master's degree in information technology or a closely related field. . the uae mandates all teachers to receive equivalency for their degrees. details about equivalency can be found here: preferred qualification as well as a relevant master's degree, having an additional master's degree or qualifications in another field is also an advantage. . a ph.d. degree is also preferable. . training or qualifications in online and blended teaching and learning are highly preferred. . additional specific teaching qualifications such as math, instructional design, online course development from an accredited institution can be beneficial towards a candidate's application. . finally, experience and having qualifications in leadership or management position is highly advantageous.

United Arab Emirates University
الإمارات, United Arab Emirates
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