Mechanical qc supervisor - saudi arabia, ras al khair

1. *quality assurance:* develop and implement quality control processes and procedures to maintain product or service quality standards.2. *team management:* supervise and lead a team of quality control inspectors or technicians, providing guidance, training, and support.3. *inspection and testing:* conduct inspections and tests on products or services to identify defects or deviations from quality standards.4. *data analysis:* collect and analyze data related to quality control, identifying trends, issues, and areas for improvement.5. *documentation:* maintain accurate records of quality control activities, including inspection reports, test results, and quality metrics.6. *process improvement:* collaborate with other departments to improve production or service processes to prevent quality issues.7. *compliance:* ensure that products or services comply with industry regulations, standards, and customer requirements.skillssaudi aramco mechanical qc supervisor approved.need 5-7 years of experience in quality control.

Saudi Arabia, Ras Al Khair
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