Physics and math teacher - saudi arabia, riyadh

Deliver training solutions and or personally conduct training program in areas of expertise to ensure that training is delivered to meet individual’s need.aligns lesson objectives to the curriculum and trainee learning needs.uses a variety of effective instructional strategies and resourcesuses a variety of assessment strategies and instruments that are valid and appropriate for the content and for the trainee population.arranges the classroom to maximize learning while providing a safe environment.maintain a commitment to professional ethics, communicates effectively, and takes responsibility for and participates in professional growth that results in enhanced trainee learning.continuously updated with the latest skills and competency requirements of the industry.skillsdesign, develop & modernized math & physics curriculum as per specialization ilos requirements.developed and implemented curriculum based physics lab experiments to explore key concepts in physics.prepare lesson plans, delivery materials & classroom assignments as per the approved pacing schedule & module profiles.motivated and engaged students to better understand different levels of math and physicsdelivering 20-24 weekly sessions with average 20 trainees per group.use advance it techniques & resources for training delivery & material & assessments uploading on lms platform. update trainees’ assessments progress reports to evaluate, measure, and document the learning progress and skill acquisition of the trainees.time & classroom management skillsadaptable to work environment & be able to multitaskfollowing quality department guidelines (pacing schedule, module profile), made two versions of assessments to ensure all assessment criteria in the module profile have been covered.

Physics and Math Teacher
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
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