Waiter server - saudi arabia, riyadh

Adhering to hygiene and safety standards, you will handle food and beverages with care, process payments accurately, and ensure the overall satisfaction of guests during their time at the establishment.skillfully coordinating with kitchen staff, you'll ensure timely dish preparation and present these selections to tables while maintaining high standards of visual appeal.embracing the position of waiter, your tasks will encompass greeting and assisting patrons, taking precise meal requests, and orchestrating a seamless dining journey.responding to patron questions and distinct preferences, you'll showcase your comprehensive menu expertise by offering knowledgeable suggestions as part of your service.catering to guest concerns and individual desires, you'll display a profound grasp of the menu, readily extending informed suggestions to enhance their dining experience. in the capacity of a waiter, you'll be tasked with providing a hospitable welcome, taking down orders with precision, and managing the entire dining episode proficiently.skillsupselling and promotion: experienced in promoting daily specials, beverages, and desserts, utilizing persuasive communication to increase revenue and enhance the overall dining experience for customers.proficient in providing exceptional customer service by engaging warmly with patrons, attentively addressing their needs, and ensuring a memorable dining experience.possesses extensive knowledge of the menu, able to offer detailed explanations of dishes, recommend complementary choices, and accommodate diverse dietary requirements.demonstrates expertise in upselling techniques, effectively highlighting featured items, beverages, and desserts to provide a more enjoyable dining experience for guests.recognized for adept conflict management, calmly addressing customer grievances, and skillfully finding resolutions that uphold the restaurant's reputation for excellent service.

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Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
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