Safety officer hse officer - saudi arabia, tabouk

Experience in sustainable industries like nuclear power/green industries/renewable is must.job title: hse officer (health, safety, and environment) - sustainable industryjob summary:the hse officer with experience in a sustainable industry is responsible for developing and managing health, safety, and environmental programs that align with sustainable practices and goals. this role focuses on integrating sustainability principles into daily operations, reducing environmental impacts, ensuring employee safety, and complying with relevant regulations.key responsibilities:sustainable hse strategy:develop and implement a sustainable hse strategy that aligns with the organization's sustainability goals and objectives.integrate sustainability principles into hse policies, procedures, and programs.environmental stewardship:identify environmental aspects and impacts of the organization's activities.implement strategies to reduce resource consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions.promote the use of eco-friendly technologies and compliance:ensure compliance with all safety regulations, codes, and sustainable standards.develop and update safety policies and procedures with a focus on sustainability.conduct safety assessments and audits to identify sustainable safety improvements.sustainable risk management:assess and manage health, safety, and environmental risks with a sustainability lens.recommend and implement sustainable risk mitigation measures.continuously monitor and evaluate sustainable risk factors.environmental compliance:ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, emphasizing sustainable practices.oversee environmental permits and reporting requirements.implement sustainable waste management and pollution control measures.employee engagement:promote a culture of sustainability, safety, and environmental responsibility among employees.organize training sessions on sustainable practices, safety, and emergency response.encourage employee participation in sustainability initiatives.sustainability reporting:compile and report sustainability data, including energy and resource usage, emissions, and sustainability achievements.prepare sustainability reports for internal and external stakeholders.emergency response and preparedness:develop and maintain sustainable emergency response plans and procedures.coordinate sustainable emergency drills and exercises.ensure employees are well-prepared for sustainable emergency situations.collaboration and stakeholder engagement: collaborate with internal departments and external partners to advance sustainability goals.engage with stakeholders, including regulatory agencies, to ensure compliance with sustainable regulations.qualifications:bachelor's degree in environmental science, occupational health and safety, or a related field (master's degree preferred).nebosh qualification is mustrelevant professional certifications (e.g., csp, cih, chmm) may be knowledge of sustainable practices, environmental regulations, and safety standards.strong communication, leadership, and project management skills.analytical and problem-solving abilities.proven experience in sustainable industries or sustainability-focused roles.skillsexperience:typically, 7-8 years of experience in a similar hse role within a sustainable industry or sustainability-focused hse officer with experience in a sustainable industry is instrumental in driving sustainability initiatives, ensuring environmental responsibility, and maintaining a safe working environment. this role contributes significantly to the organization's reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible entity.must have excellent computer skill to include all ms office products. proficient with risk identification alongside dynamic problem resolution.capable of directing and leading ground personnel in emergencies.self-motivated and able to work equally well as a leader and as part of a team.

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Health Safety and Environment Officer
Saudi Arabia, Tabouk
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