Laser technician (native russian speaker) - united arab emirates, dubai

Performs laser hair removal, facial rejuvenation, vascular lesions, and facial concerns like acne and pigmentation treatment with laser, acne, and acne scar treatment with laser.performs non-surgical treatment of contouring and cellulite treatment.maintains high-level and professional performance.receives professional and administrative direction from the department head to ensure adherence to existing hospital and department policies.provides proper consultation and information’s to the patient before and after procedures.maintains the laser machines in top condition always.performs other duties necessary to effect efficient services in the department.attends to work and on-call schedules on time and performs duties completely before ending the shift.endorses to the next shift any uncompleted task to be continued and/or completed.assists in maintaining patient files.skillsdha license is mandatoryknowledge:broad knowledge of his/her area of specialty and hospital management including policies, procedures, and standard medical practices applicable to area of specialization.thorough knowledge of medical and professional ethics.demonstrated knowledge of theoretical, clinical, and technical aspects in both ambulatory and hospital setting.ability to solve problems of patients and personnel of varied nationalities under operated:diagnostic and medical equipment related to specialty.languages:proficiency in english and russian is a must.

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Medical Laser Technician
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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