Rtoc well engineer - saudi arabia, khobar

The positions on this role are responsible to lead the monitoring and/or design/planning and/or support processes on well operations of complex wells. they are typically who provide the main engineering interface with the client if required. the drilling technical support iii is responsible for effective well design, the implementation of the drilling/directional plans, and the application of drilling/ well construction solutions in the projects he/she leads. provides technical support and training to engineering team to deliver the safest most efficient plans to develop the project meeting all expectations and will take part in tender responses related to these projects. they follow their pl process and provide planning and real time decision support to weatherford colleagues (operations, sales, management, etc) and clients. duties and responsibilities actively support quality, health, safety, and environment (safety first). follows and encourages others to follow the de rules to live by. responsible for the qa/qc process of the creation and management of a drilling events database for risk analysis during the design phase. support training of well planners, drilling engineers, directional drillers, and mwd/lwd field staff on the engineering analysis and root cause analysis (tap root). this may include but is not limited to rig visits, classroom instruction, and one-on-one mentoring.accountable for the quality control process to the drilling data received from the field to produce daily monitoring analyses, collect end of well reports, document lessons learned, and generate kpis for the optimization process. responsible for the execution and interpretation of drilling engineering analyses in the design phase: bha design, bha tendency, hydraulics, torque & drag, and bha vibration modelling. responsible for drilling engineering technical support in their geozone. provide real-time decision support to the drilling team to maximize drilling efficiency and minimize risk while achieving the well objective. assist the drilling and evaluation team in post-well root-cause analysis. assist with ensuring effective communication between all parties (client, drilling services, product lines, third parties, etc). keep up to date and review new technology for possible application to projects. perform and coach others with offset well analysis, hazard identification, and risk control. participates in tender responses. accountable for the weatherford drilling engineering technical design report for the assigned jobs attend pre-job and daily meetings with the rtoc team, weatherford office support and customers. assist in presentation of recommendations and evaluations to clients as required. lead, execute, and coach others in the development and review of well programs, operating procedures, presentations, end-of-well reports, and other documentation as required to support effective communication and continuous improvement. comply with weatherford drilling engineering standard. support ds technical sales as required. participate in drilling services service delivery & hsse initiatives partake in drilling engineering audits in their geozone and provide active support to complete audits and corrective actions. handle with fluency the regular drilling engineering, directional drilling, and logging while drilling technical language in order to support de manager and dd/mlwd operations as required. promote technical excellence image of company and segment (publish papers, attend/ present at public forums, and otherwise gain recognition for the segment products and services). know and understand weatherford quality policy; comply with all requirements of the quality systems manual, operating and technical procedures, and work instructions. comply with all safety rules and company policies of weatherford. carry out work assignments with the highest level of service delivery. be available for after-hours support to on-going operations as needed. perform various other duties and activities as assigned by de manager within the physical constraints of the job.skillsqualifications, skills & knowledge: 5+ years relevant drilling engineering experience (desirable experience as a project team member on various projects which involved overseeing other team members or being responsible for a critical aspect of the project) bachelor's degree in engineering ability and willingness to learn through a structured development program which includes internal and external courses, external certifications, and practical on-the-job training (both office and field).ability to analyse a wide variety of data sets and use them in providing drilling engineering solutions.practical and results orientated to deliver a plan encompassing all inputs that can be safely executed. excellent written and verbal communication. highly motivated with excellent analytical and interpersonal skills.

Weatherford - United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia, Khobar
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