Accountant - saudi arabia, jeddah

Reviewing the daily report made by cashier for all transactions been made in sap cash desk.responsible for all credit customers’ accounts. communicating/sending all credit invoices to our customers through mail or/and emails. that includes, scanning invoices, p.o and any related documents in order to be sent through email.preparing the analysis report for all cash & credit customers at least twice a month (closed but paid job cards).conducting, physically, the quarterly inventory count for workshop sub-store. and sending the report of soft and signed hard copy to h.o.controlling the petty cash. an amount of sar 15.000 should be controlled carefully by following the petty cash polices strictly. all expenses from petty cash are reported / requested to be replenished on a weekly basis.preparing the cheque requisitions forms to be sent to h.o for suppliers’ payment. (at least twice a month)clearing of customers accounts. cash customers’ accounts should be cleared right after the invoicing. all original documents for credit customers are to be sent to h.o. recording all credit customers invoices in excel sheet for monitoring branch receivable accounts.reviewing customer refunds and making sure that all required documents are attached to the refund request.responsible for few suppliers’ accounts. credit suppliers who can’t be paid from the petty cash e.g. gardening and sewage cleaning companies.checking the amount limit in the account of service package contracts & the 4th year warranty in order to make invoices against the accruals accounts.making manual entries for cases like: goodwill & warranties where workshop department bear the amount of an invoice or part of it.preparing vat report on a monthly basis.going the bank to withdraw the cash as the cash will be transferred to accountant personal account.skillsgood accounting knowledge.perfect spoken and written english language.great communication in using microsoft office: word, excel & power point.bachelor of accounting / finance with 1-2 years’ experience, more education or experience may be preferred.attention to detail.ethical behavior.

Juffali Automotive Company- Mercedes Benz
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
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