Human resources supervisor - saudi arabia, saudi arabia

Preparing the company's human resources policies and manual and procedures for their application.planning and preparing policies for attracting and managing human resources in the company.managing personnel files with regard to recruitment, training, insurance, working hours, departures, leave balances, termination of services and compensation.apply the instructions and procedures approved and issued by the company and the internal system.receiving new employees and introducing them to the company, its regulations, instructions and work facilities.participation in the work of the employment committees.keeping human resources system, it up-to-date. preparing the necessary reports and statistics for the administrative and technical levels of competence in the company.implementation of studies in the field of salaries, procedures and results of evaluation of the performance of employees and making recommendations.preparing the monthly payroll for all employees of the company.defining the workers and their duties during their work in the company.leading the company's efforts in planning and implementing the human resources development plan and determining career paths for employees.participate in the training of employees or recommend their assignment for training courses.coordination with the responsible authorities in the company in all issues related to workers.planning, development and implementation (mechanisms for evaluating the performance of the company's employees).documentation of all legal documents, regulations, instructions and decisions issued by the competent authorities in the company, and the amendments issued by the competent legal authorities.planning and organizing an organized work according to production requirements, in coordination with all departments in the companybuild and enhance teamwork, coaching, supervision and supportensuring the smooth running of work based on specific timetables and dates, and ensuring compliance with those timetables and appointments through reminders and follow-up.appreciating and respecting good performance and achievement, through positive incentives and encouragement.following up the new with regard to government decisions and the decisions of the relevant authorities.skillshigh ability to plan and develop policies.extensive knowledge of labor laws.good knowledge of english language.good skill in preparing reports.excellent communication skillsminimum 5 years’ experiencebachelor's degree in business administration, human resources or relevant field.

Human Resources Supervisor
Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
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