Patient relation manager/director - saudi arabia, riyadh

Upholding the company's reputation and brand image, you will consistently uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity in all client interactions, contributing to the overall success and growth of our business.analyzing market trends and rival undertakings, furnishing strategic insights to clients, aiding them in making informed choices and staying competitive in their respective sectors.compiling and delivering routine reports to both clients and senior leadership, illustrating the benefits our services contribute to their endeavors and spotlighting prospects for extended partnership.formulating and delivering periodic reports to both clients and senior executives, demonstrating the advantages our services offer to their functions and underscoring possibilities for extended cooperation.coordinating extensively with internal units to act as a link between clients and our entity, assuring uninterrupted communication and rapid resolution of any issues raised by clients.spotting potential possibilities for upselling and cross-selling our extensive range of products and services to clients, effectively heightening revenue while optimizing client gains.·        managing health services by overseeing the daily functioning of the healthcare center.·        operational planning through maintaining the stability of the healthcare center and be able to predict future logistical needs.·        demonstrating proficiency in information technology.·        implementing policy to ensure patients’ safety·        data analyzing to recognize trends in data to plan future projects and monitor the daily operations of the healthcare facility.·        managing, supervising and evaluating facility staff.·        ensuring safety to protect patients, and ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the healthcare facility.·        maintaining financial stability since being responsible for the day to day operations of the facility·        achieving the target required as agreed with the top management.·        creating reports that convey the daily logistics and the long-term impacts of these daily logistics on the healthcare facility.·        preserving facility integrity to ensure patient satisfaction, and to cultivate an efficient and safe environment.·        collecting data to improve patient care.·        assessing problems by making decisions to resolve problems quickly.·        managing policy and overseeing the staffs’ compliance to policies.·        assuring a positive motivated highly disciplined working environment with patient' centric and quality focus ·        assuring safety measurement for patients, relatives, and center' staff·        assuring satisfied patients, and their relatives, and center' staff ·        assuring the utilization of the center capacity ·        planning the manpower requirements ·        developing reports and kpis to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal operations and processes in the center ·        develop and implement on-job training to center' staff ·        assure solving patients or staff complaints within the shortest possible time in a win-win scenario·        attending to all formal and informal complaints·        line management of operational staff·        maintaining crc culture throughout the center·        continuously developing and enhancing the patient journey·        any other tasks or goal assigned to him/her by crc managementskillseffective communication: skilled communicator, capable of conveying complex financial information in a clear and concise manner, ensuring clients fully comprehend their options and make informed decisions.proficient in building and nurturing strong professional relationships with clients, stakeholders, and team members, fostering an environment of trust and connection.proficient at skillful negotiation, consistently securing mutually advantageous results, be it in shaping contract terms or resolving client issues.devoted to gaining deep insights into client objectives and creating financial roadmaps that align seamlessly, culminating in heightened client gratification and in simplifying complex financial jargon into easily digestible information, ensuring clients grasp their options thoroughly and make astute decisions.wholeheartedly dedicated to deciphering client distinctiveness and fashioning financial strategies that seamlessly mesh with their aspirations, ultimately driving client loyalty and contentment.

Czech Rehabilitation Center
Managing Director
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
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