Matcha barista - saudi arabia, jeddah

You will be tasked with maintaining a clean and organized workspace, including the matcha equipment, to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and safety.your main role as a matcha barista is to expertly craft and serve top-notch matcha and boba beverages, adhering to our quality and presentation standards.engage with customers in a polite and helpful manner, taking their orders, offering menu insights, and handling the'll play a key role in inventory management, overseeing matcha tea and supplies levels and promptly informing the supervisor when replenishment is necessary to uphold service quality during peak hours. interacting with customers in a friendly and helpful manner is pivotal, encompassing order-taking, menu clarification, and catering to unique requests or dietary considerations.skillsexceptional matcha preparing menu familiarity.exceptional boba preparation abilities.thorough knowledge of matcha offerings.

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Saudi Arabia, Jeddah ,Ash Shati
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