Environmental supervisor - saudi arabia, ras al khair

The position is responsible for ensuring that all activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the integrated management system and assist in facilitating ongoing regulatory compliance with all applicable legal, contractual and regulatory requirements and obligations. this position will provide leadership, direction, training and coordination to the environmental specialist, engineer and inspector and ensure implementation of environmental regulations.key responsibilities.areas of responsibilities (list of up to 10 key activities)(briefly describe each essential work activity listed in a logical order, usually listing the most important duty first and noting the important decision and recommendations made if applicable; start sentences with work verbs first)develop, establish and ensure the effective and efficient implementation of environmental systems, procedures and standards.technical guidance and servicesproviding comprehensive organizational and technical expertise to develop and implement major environmental programs.develop strategies for managing complex or sensitive environmental issues related to the operation of specific regions and business and corporate initiatives in all relevant areas of compliance and responsible environmental management.provides environmental expertise, guidance and support to regions to help maintain regulatory compliance and achieve environmental goals.monitor and evaluate the implementation plan and support follow-up.sustainability, environment and governance report.fulfill ncec requirements and regulate mwan to ensure an integrated management system is in place.lead risk assessments and task reviews of key activities in areas, to identify and prevent potential environmental risks that lead to significant losses.qualifications and experience.bachelor's degree in environmental planning, environmental science, environmental engineering, biological sciences, environmental management, or science).professional qualifications(certificates and accreditations)have achieved or are working towards obtaining a nebosh diploma in environment.obtained or is working to obtain international membership in the environment.skillscompetencies.(knowledge, skills and abilities)comprehensive knowledge of local and international environmental standards.excellent communication and interpersonal skills.ability to manage and work with people.ability to identify and fully understand potential environmental compliance and remedial obligations associated with acquisitions and divestitures with the ability to identify risks.excellent leadership, problem solving and analytical skills.strong teamwork, collaboration and interpersonal skills.environmental planning (including compliance planning, strategy and implementation).ability to work under pressure and coordinate many activities and groups of people who need to cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency.expertise .minimum 5 to 9 years of environmental experience in the following areas: permitting, environmental regulatory compliance (air, water, soil, waste), environmental impact assessments, site investigations and field surveys, source control, and ambient monitoring.

Saudi Arabia, Ras Al Khair
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