Medical manager - saudi arabia, ras al khair

Job purpose/objectivesummary of the main purpose of the job such as the primary function and the scope of the job in organizational and geographic termsareas supported, financial or other size/scale metrics, strategic impact and nature of supervision received or exercisedrelated to the job in a descriptive waycomply with all applicable legal, contractual and regulatory requirements and obligations. this position will providefield inspection, design of employee training programs, preparation of detailed reports, analysis of test samples, guidance,training and coordination. ensure the implementation of environmental regulation.major accountsareas of responsibilities (list of up to 10 key activities)(briefly describe each principles work activity listed in logical order and usually list the most importantit is necessary first to point out the important decision and the recommendations made, if possible. start the sentences with action verbs first)be constantly aware of the public health conditions in the kingdom and keep management informed accordingly.assist management in evaluating contractor site medical team members and service providers.provide management with a recommended list of equipment and supplies to be held at each job site.ensure that the company's medical standards are of international standards while maintaining physician/patient integritya confidential medical record for each employee.preparing the required number of people as first responders in work areas and offices.conduct health training and company health campaigns as required, after initially holding discussions with the managertraining in assistance, food and water hygiene, physical fitness, etc.implement company health standards and recommend changes as needed.dissemination of health information.a list of all medical evacuations performed from the beginning of the year to date.produce a newsletter every 3 months on health related topics in coordination with human resources, insurance and medical.provide health alerts every time it is deemed necessary due to epidemics or health risks. it will be released onconsultation with vice president, hse.conduct regular health audits of the company's medical clinic and provide a clear and concise written summaryrecommendations after each audit for improvements.provide an annual assessment of public health to the department.participate in preparing medical emergency response plans, verify their effectiveness and suggest improvements if necessary.participate effectively in training the medical staff.develop a network of relationships with:specialized medical centers that can provide expertise.medical evacuation companies that can be requested.assist p&c in developing pre-employment requirements and periodic medical requirements.keeping up with the latest medical developments on the international scene.assists management in ensuring that all employees have a company-promoted medical examination as required, and that it is recorded and kept confidential.visit work sites on a regular basis to ensure that health risks are monitored and addressed.perform any other reasonable tasks as agreed with the manager.qualifications and experienceeducationbachelor's degree in nursing or equivalent.master's degree in nursing preferred.graduated from an accredited nursing school and registered in the country of origin. professional qualifications (certificates and accreditations)registered with the saudi council for health specialists (scfhs)obtain a valid saudi ministry of health license within 6 months of hiring newly recruited international employees. if hired from within the kingdom of saudi arabia, he must possess an active license from the ministry of health.comprehensive knowledge of local and international standards of medical care in remote areas.skillsexcellent communication and interpersonal skills.self-motivated, critical thinker.ability to fully identify and understand compliance requirements for medical facilities in the kingdom of saudi arabia.strong teamwork, collaboration and interpersonal skills.strong verbal and written communication skills. expertiseat least 15-20 years in the medical field, and a minimum of 5 years in a management position or similar with similar experience working in saudi arabia.excellent communication skills (verbal and written) in english.

Healthcare Professionals and Technicians
Saudi Arabia, Ras Al Khair
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