Home nurse - united arab emirates, dubai

Following established protocols to keep all patients' health reports ready for accurate medical evaluation.work with colleagues to keep the workplace clean, sanitized, and free of contaminants.ensure proper medical attention to patients by taking care of routine requirements like iv fluids, injections, and other medications.safeguard organizational records by following adequate privacy measures and relevant tools. provide detailed documentation of the care services offered to a patient since the onset of the treatment.assist doctors and relevant staff in daily activities pertaining to all tasks as per requirement.skillsexperienced nursing professional with a record of working on various medical scenarios efficiently.pertinent qualification in nursing with hands-on experience in handling relevant duties and responsibilities.remarkable interpersonal skills with good command of effective communication for improving the services and patient experience.talented individual with the potential to handle daily tasks and responsibilities fluently irrespective of the practical challenges.good interpersonal skills with an understanding of emotions for taking sufficient care of patients.remarkable ability to collaborate with colleagues to enhance the hospital's services.

Omniyat home health care
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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