Store manager - united arab emirates, dubai

It will be your duty to lead and motivate a team of employees, providing guidance, training, and performance evaluations to ensure they meet or exceed sales targets and deliver exceptional customer experiences.your role will require you to develop and implement effective store policies and procedures to maintain a well-organized and efficient retail environment.working in collaboration with the corporate office, you will be responsible for strategizing and executing marketing and promotional campaigns, monitoring and adapting pricing strategies, and analyzing sales data to spot trends and improvement will play a crucial role in establishing and enforcing store policies and procedures to guarantee a secure and organized retail setting.part of your core responsibilities will involve budget management, expense control, and profit optimization while safeguarding the company's brand image and community reputation.establishing and implementing store policies and procedures to maintain safety and organization will be a key part of your role as a store manager.skillsexcellent communication skills are a must, as store managers need to interact with customers, suppliers, and their team to resolve issues, convey company policies, and facilitate a positive shopping managers need to be highly organized, as they are responsible for inventory management, visual merchandising, and the efficient day-to-day operation of the managers must possess financial acumen to develop and oversee budgets, analyze sales metrics, and employ cost-effective tactics to maximize profits.effective communication skills are a must for a store manager, as they engage with customers, suppliers, and their team to resolve issues, communicate company guidelines, and foster a welcoming shopping managers should excel in communication, as they need to interact with customers, suppliers, and employees to address concerns, convey company policies, and maintain a customer-centric managers should excel in organizational skills to effectively handle inventory, create appealing merchandise displays, and ensure the store operates seamlessly.

Alasali group general trading co L.L.C
Store Manager
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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