Electrical technician - saudi arabia, yanbu al bahr

Electrical technician: at this stage, the incumbent is close to being a full qualified electrician requiring only that he acquires further experience in the full range of electrical systems and equipment maintenance and repair to progress further. work assignments may be performed independently in his areas of specialty or as part of a team on larger electrical jobs. works on motors up to 20,000 hp. works primarily with voltages up to 440v.skills1. technical data management.2. maintenance methods and equipment.3. sap maintenance application knowledge.4. maintenance resources management.5. safety measures and standards.6. refinery product planning.7. product development.8. inspection, testing and reporting.9. technical standards and regulations.10. quality management.minimum job qualifications requirement: two (2) years diploma in electrical engineering or equivalent.minimum work experience: three (3) years' experience in relevant field

Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF)
Electrical Engineering Technician
Saudi Arabia, Yanbu al Bahr ,Yanbu
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