Investment analyst - united arab emirates, dubai

Market research: conduct in-depth research on financial markets, industries, and specific investment opportunities. • data analysis: analyze financial statements, economic indicators, and market trends to identify potential investment prospects. • risk assessment: evaluate the risk associated with different investment options and develop risk mitigation strategies. • financial modeling: build financial models to assess the potential returns and risks of various investment strategies. • portfolio management: monitor and manage investment portfolios to ensure they meet performance objectives. • investment due diligence: conduct due diligence on potential investments, including company and industry analysis. • client communication: communicate investment recommendations and strategies to clients, providing clear and concise reports and presentations. • performance tracking: monitor and track the performance of investments, making adjustments as needed to achieve desired outcomes. • collaboration: work closely with portfolio managers, traders, and other team members to execute investment strategies effectively. • continuous learning: stay informed about emerging investment trends and strategies through ongoing education and professional developmentskillsfinancial analysisinvestment researchfinancial modelingmarket analysisattention to detail

ERC International Human Resources Consultancies
Investment Analyst
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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