Limousine driver - united arab emirates, dubai

Greet and assist clients with luggage and other belongings, exhibiting a high level of professionalism and courteousness at all times.comply with all traffic and safety regulations, demonstrating a strong commitment to passengers' well-being and upholding the company's reputation for excellence in transportation services.your responsibility as a limousine driver includes maintaining the limousine's pristine cleanliness and appearance, conducting routine inspections to ensure its optimal functionality, and promptly reporting any concerns.your duty involves welcoming and assisting clients with their belongings, displaying a high level of professionalism and courtesy at all times.ensuring timely arrivals and departures, your role as a limousine driver involves strategizing and following the most efficient routes, considering traffic and time constraints.displaying courteousness and professionalism, you will be responsible for welcoming and aiding clients with their belongings as a limousine driver.skillsclean driving record and valid driver's license, ensuring compliance with all local and federal transportation regulations.flexibility in working hours, including availability for weekends, evenings, and holidays to accommodate client needs.exceptional grooming standards, communication skills, and customer service aptitude, essential for delivering a refined and professional passenger experience.candidates must possess impeccable grooming, communication, and customer service traits, ensuring a polished and professional demeanor with clients.maintaining strict confidentiality and demonstrating discretion with client information are critical aspects of this role.the successful candidate will be entrusted with sensitive client information, necessitating the utmost discretion and confidentiality.successful applicants must exhibit in-depth familiarity with local routes, traffic conditions, and alternate paths to ensure timely and efficient travel for clients.

Limousine Driver
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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