Customer service representative - united arab emirates, ajman

1. manage and build a foreign telemarketing team to complete customer invitation and drainage goals in the indian stock and financial markets.2. follow up on market dynamics and development trends, formulate individual marketing work plans for the team; formulate appropriate telemarketing business techniques around the group's different business lines.3. establish standardized and standardized processes, and do a good job in the management, training, assessment and motivation of the telemarketing team;4. collect and analyze telemarketing data, and lead the team to continuously improve telemarketing skills and improve telemarketing performance;5. develop monthly telemarketing plans and completion plansskills1. for those with more than months to 1 year of experience in electronic sales, can speak fluent english are required;2. have experience in the gaming industry and more than one year of telemarketing team management experience;3. have good customer service awareness, team awareness, self-motivation ability and high sense of responsibility; 4. be sensitive to data sensitivity in all aspects of telemarketing, be able to focus on the handling of key issues, and team capacity improvement training.5. have good adaptability and cross-department communication skills, and have own understanding of chess, card and gambling users.

Grand Fortune Road Management Consultancies
Customer Service Executive
United Arab Emirates, Ajman
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