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The job description for a sales specialist in granite projects typically includes the following responsibilities, skills, and qualifications:job description: sales specialist for granite projectsresponsibilities:develop and implement sales strategies to promote granite products and services to architects, designers, contractors, and end customers.identify and cultivate new business opportunities through lead generation, networking, and relationship building.conduct product presentations, demonstrations, and consultations to educate clients about granite options, benefits, and applications.collaborate with internal teams, such as marketing, product development, and project management, to ensure seamless project execution and customer satisfaction.prepare and negotiate sales contracts, proposals, and pricing agreements while maximizing profitability and meeting sales targets.maintain accurate records of sales activities, customer interactions, and project specifications using crm systems or sales software.provide post-sales support, including resolving customer issues, coordinating deliveries, and addressing any concerns to ensure a positive customer experience.stay updated on industry trends, competitor activities, and market developments to inform sales strategies and maintain a competitive edge.attend industry events, trade shows, and conferences to network, showcase products, and stay connected with key stakeholders.skillsproduct knowledge: deep understanding of different types of granite, their quality, colors, patterns, durability, and suitability for various applications (e.g., countertops, flooring, facades).industry knowledge: familiarity with the granite industry, including market trends, pricing dynamics, supply chain logistics, and competitive landscape.technical expertise: ability to assess technical requirements for granite installation, such as measurements, fabrication processes, installation methods, and maintenance recommendations.customer consultation: skill in consulting with customers to understand their needs, preferences, and budget constraints, and providing tailored recommendations and solutions.project management: proficiency in project management principles to coordinate with architects, designers, contractors, and other stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.negotiation skills: capability to negotiate pricing, terms, and contracts with suppliers, distributors, and clients while ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction.communication skills: effective communication to convey technical information, educate customers about granite products, and address any concerns or questions they may have.relationship building: building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, contractors, and industry partners to foster repeat business and referrals.problem-solving: ability to troubleshoot issues that may arise during the sales process or project execution and find practical solutions to ensure project success.adaptability: flexibility to adapt to changing customer preferences, market conditions, and industry regulations to stay competitive and meet evolving demands.

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Sales Executive
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
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