Executive personal assistant - united arab emirates, dubai

Screen and prioritize incoming communication, such as emails, phone calls, and messages, demonstrating exceptional discretion and professionalism in handling confidential information.actively engage in research and information collection across diverse subjects to aid decision-making, demonstrating a proactive stance and resourceful nature in offering pertinent insights.effortlessly promote coordination and communication among various departments, clients, and external stakeholders, nurturing strong collaborative ties and fostering a cohesive professional atmosphere.diligently curate and orchestrate the employer's day-to-day timetable, managing meetings, appointments, and travel coordination for improved time optimization.expertly facilitate the harmonious coordination and communication between multiple departments, clients, and external stakeholders, cultivating robust relationships and nurturing a cohesive work setting.expertly execute research and collate information on diverse topics for decision-making support, demonstrating a proactive attitude and resourceful proficiency in presenting pertinent viewpoints.skillswe are looking for arab nationals .

Client of iQuest Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Personal Assistant
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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