Procurement & contracts lead - saudi arabia, ras al khair

Overview: as the procurement & contracts lead, you will be responsible for overseeing the procurement process and managing contracts to support the organization's operational and strategic objectives. your role involves developing procurement strategies, negotiating contracts, and managing vendor relationships to ensure cost-effective acquisition of goods and services while maintaining compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.key responsibilities:procurement strategy:develop and implement procurement strategies aligned with the organization's goals, budgetary constraints, and operational needs.conduct market research, supplier evaluations, and cost-benefit analyses to identify potential vendors and sourcing opportunities.collaborate with internal stakeholders, including department heads and project managers, to understand their procurement requirements and priorities.vendor management:identify, evaluate, and select suppliers based on criteria such as quality, cost, reliability, and service level agreements (slas).establish and maintain relationships with key suppliers, negotiate contracts, and monitor vendor performance to ensure compliance with contractual terms and delivery schedules.resolve vendor disputes, address performance issues, and implement corrective actions to mitigate risks and optimize supplier performance.contract management:draft, review, and negotiate contracts, purchase orders, and service agreements in collaboration with legal counsel and relevant stakeholders.ensure contract terms and conditions are clear, comprehensive, and compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.monitor contract performance, track deliverables, and enforce contract terms to mitigate risks, minimize liabilities, and maximize value for the organization.cost control and savings:analyze procurement spend, identify cost-saving opportunities, and implement cost reduction initiatives to optimize procurement processes and achieve budgetary goals.negotiate pricing, terms, and discounts with suppliers to secure favorable terms and achieve cost efficiencies without compromising quality or service levels.implement procurement best practices, standardize processes, and leverage economies of scale to drive down costs and improve procurement outcomes.compliance and risk management:ensure compliance with procurement policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements, including ethical standards, conflict of interest policies, and anti-corruption laws.performance metrics and reporting:develop key performance indicators (kpis) and metrics to measure procurement performance, vendor performance, and contract effectiveness.prepare procurement reports, dashboards, and analytics to track procurement activities, monitor savings, and communicate performance metrics to senior management and stakeholders.conduct regular reviews and evaluations of procurement processes, contracts, and vendor performance to identify areas for improvement and implement continuous process enhancements.skillsbachelor's degree in business administration, supply chain management, finance, or related field; master's degree or professional certification (e.g., cscp, cpsm) is a plus.minimum of 2 years of experience in procurement, contract management, or supply chain management, preferably in a corporate or institutional setting.demonstrated expertise in procurement principles, practices, and processes, including strategic sourcing, supplier management, and contract negotiation.strong analytical, negotiation, and decision-making skills, with the ability to analyze complex data, assess risks, and develop actionable insights and recommendations.excellent communication, interpersonal, and relationship-building skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with internal stakeholders and external suppliers.proficiency in contract drafting, review, and negotiation, with knowledge of contract law, commercial terms, and contract management software/tools.familiarity with procurement technologies, e-procurement systems, and data analytics tools for procurement optimization and performance measurement.sound understanding of legal and regulatory requirements governing procurement practices, including anti-bribery, anti-corruption, and anti-trust laws.results-oriented mindset, with a focus on driving cost savings, process efficiencies, and value creation through effective procurement and contract management practices.

Procurement and Purchasing Professionals
Saudi Arabia, Ras Al Khair
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