Program management prevention lead - saudi arabia, ras al khair

Overview: as the program management prevention lead, you will play a pivotal role in driving proactive measures and initiatives to prevent and mitigate risks within the organization's projects and programs. you will lead the development and implementation of preventive strategies, processes, and controls to ensure project success and minimize potential disruptions or setbacks. your responsibilities will encompass risk identification, assessment, mitigation planning, and ongoing monitoring to safeguard project outcomes and enhance overall program performance.key responsibilities:risk identification and assessment:lead the identification and assessment of potential risks, threats, and vulnerabilities across projects and programs, working closely with project teams, stakeholders, and subject matter experts.conduct comprehensive risk assessments, including qualitative and quantitative analysis, to prioritize risks based on their impact, likelihood, and severity on project objectives and outcomes.preventive strategy development:develop proactive strategies, controls, and interventions to prevent or mitigate identified risks and vulnerabilities, leveraging best practices, industry standards, and lessons learned from past projects.collaborate with project managers, program sponsors, and cross-functional teams to integrate preventive measures into project plans, schedules, and budget estimates.risk mitigation planning:facilitate risk mitigation workshops, brainstorming sessions, and scenario analyses to identify and evaluate risk response options and develop risk mitigation plans tailored to project-specific circumstances.define risk mitigation actions, responsibilities, and timelines, and track progress against mitigation plans to ensure timely implementation and effectiveness in reducing risk exposure.stakeholder engagement and communication:engage with project stakeholders, including clients, sponsors, and steering committees, to communicate risk management objectives, solicit input, and obtain buy-in for risk mitigation strategies and actions.provide regular updates and reports on risk status, mitigation progress, and emerging risks to project sponsors, governance bodies, and senior management to enable informed decision-making and course correction as needed.continuous improvement:establish mechanisms for capturing lessons learned, feedback, and insights from risk management activities, and incorporate them into ongoing process improvements and risk management maturity enhancements.conduct post-project reviews and evaluations to assess the effectiveness of preventive measures, identify areas for improvement, and disseminate best practices across the and capacity building:develop and deliver training programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns to build risk management capabilities and promote a culture of risk awareness and prevention among project teams and stakeholders.provide guidance, coaching, and support to project managers and team members on risk identification techniques, mitigation strategies, and proactive risk management practices.skillsbachelor's degree in project management, business administration, engineering, or related field; master's degree or professional certification in risk management (e.g., pmi-rmp, crmp) is desirable.proven experience in program management, project risk management, or related roles, with a strong understanding of project lifecycle, methodologies, and risk management frameworks demonstrated expertise in risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring techniques, with the ability to apply qualitative and quantitative risk analysis methods to diverse project environments.excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, with the ability to anticipate and proactively address project risks and uncertainties to achieve project objectives and deliverables.strong communication, facilitation, and stakeholder engagement skills, with the ability to effectively communicate complex risk concepts and recommendations to diverse audiences and influence decision-making at all levels.leadership capabilities, including the ability to lead cross-functional teams, drive consensus, and foster collaboration in a matrixed organization to achieve common risk management objectives.commitment to continuous learning and professional development, with a proactive approach to staying abreast of emerging trends, best practices, and innovations in project risk management and prevention.

Saudi Arabia, Ras Al Khair
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