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Developing and operating the robotic artificial intelligence platform: the contractor is responsible for specialized work in developing and operating the robotic artificial intelligence platform. this includes creating and maintaining the platform and ensuring its proper functioning.applying use cases: the resource should apply various use cases through the robotic artificial intelligence platform. this involves utilizing the platform to address specific scenarios or problems within the ministry.integration with existing systems: the resource must link the robotic artificial intelligence platform with other systems already in place at the ministry. this includes integration with erp (enterprise resource planning) platforms, cms (content management system) security systems, and other artificial intelligence and internet of things (iot) platforms.site visit for technical details: the resource needs to conduct a site visit to review the technical details of the platforms. analyzing business requirements: the contractor is responsible for analyzing the business requirements of the ministry. this involves understanding the needs and objectives of the ministry to tailor the development and operation of the robotic ai platform accordingly.design, configuration, and software development: the contractor should handle all tasks related to design, configuration, and software development within a special development pipeline. this includes designing the system architecture, configuring software components, and developing custom software solutions.utilizing open source tools: the contractor may utilize existing open-source tools or platforms within the ministry, in addition to developing custom solutions. this allows for flexibility in choosing the most appropriate technologies based on the project's requirements.roles and responsibilities:the provided list outlines a comprehensive set of use cases and required technologies for the contractor to analyze and design. here's a condensed version:mapping processes and data flow: visualize and understand data flow within processes.modeling and developing robotic automations: create automated processes using robotics.managing production rpa jobs: oversee and maintain automated job workflows.producing metrics: generate performance metrics for evaluation.identifying and analyzing improvements: analyze processes for optimization.supporting users with robots: provide assistance to users through robotic automation.creating and maintaining solution documents: document solutions for reference.supporting business teams in testing: assist in testing activities.solving day-to-day automation issues: address and resolve automation problems.testing and migrating jobs to production: ensure successful migration of automated tasks.proposing alternate development practices: suggest improvements for future projects.multi-tasking with various projects: manage multiple projects simultaneously.communication and risk management: address and mitigate potential risks.identifying process dependencies: recognize internal and external process connections.designing business processes for automation: create automated workflows.setting up and monitoring automated workflows: ensure efficient process execution.monitoring and maintaining post-implementation: ensure continued efficiency and address issues.producing process documentation: document successes and refine processes.ensuring quality automation: use qa processes to prevent errors.enhancing ai indicators: improve ai data aggregation and analysis.various use cases: implement specific functionalities such as verification, analysis, detection, visualization, reporting, and intelligence gathering across different data sources and formats.these use cases cover a wide range of functionalities, from basic process mapping to advanced analytics and reporting, demonstrating the breadth and complexity of the projectskillsqualifications and skills:ideally someone who has experience in mapping processes and data flow, modeling and developing robotic automations, managing production rpa jobs, producing data metrics, identifying and analyzing improvements, troubleshooting and debugging skills in automation, experience with continuous integration and deployment (ci/cd) pipelines.technical writing skills for documenting solutionsproficiency in workflow automation toolsquality assurance (qa) and testing experience.knowledge of ai and machine learning algorithmsdesired skills:specific technical skills relevant to each use case (e.g., facial recognition, video analytics, data extraction)domain knowledge in areas such as law enforcement, intelligence analysis, or crm systems.

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Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
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