Personal driver - united arab emirates, dubai

Provide excellent customer service by maintaining a courteous and professional demeanor when interacting with passengers, addressing their inquiries, and assisting with their needs throughout the journey.keep precise records of each journey, documenting mileage, fuel consumption, and any occurrences during transit, relaying this data to the assigned supervisor.record detailed trip information, including mileage, fuel consumption, and any incidents encountered while in transit, reporting these particulars to the designated manager.ensure exceptional customer service by displaying a respectful and professional manner when engaging with passengers, responding to their concerns, and helping them throughout their voyage.manifest a steadfast safety allegiance by complying with established emergency protocols and showcasing competent vehicle operation in challenging scenarios or unforeseen adversities.skillstime management: effective time management skills are necessary to meet delivery deadlines and manage schedules, minimizing delays and ensuring efficient use of time during work hours.proficiency in navigation tools and the ability to plan routes effectively are prerequisites.timely execution of tasks and deliveries is an integral part of this role.interacting professionally with customers is a core aspect of this role.customer-oriented demeanor during deliveries is a critical skill we're seeking.a history of responsible and violation-free driving is a key requirement.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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