Business analyst - united arab emirates, dubai

Utilize data-driven insights to conduct thorough market research, trend analysis, and competitive assessments, enabling informed decision-making and the development of strategic business recommendations.assume a pivotal role in the software development lifecycle by actively participating in the creation of user stories, process flows, and wireframes, fostering clear communication between technical and non-technical stakeholders and aiding in the design of user-intuitive interfaces.maintain ongoing supervision of project progress and perform frequent evaluations to verify compliance with quality standards, while also adjusting to changing business prerequisites, documenting alterations, and communicating updates to relevant stakeholders.take on a vital role in the software development lifecycle by participating extensively in crafting user stories, process flows, and wireframes, nurturing lucid communication between technical and non-technical parties, and assisting in the formulation of user-centric interfaces.working as a business analyst, you'll be responsible for appraising and grasping business processes within the organization, recognizing prospects for betterment, and putting forth remedies to heighten operational collaboratively with cross-functional squads, involving stakeholders, developers, and project managers, to collect and record intricate requisites for new undertakings, functionalities, or system enhancements, verifying alignment with organizational aspirations.skillsstrong communication skills, adept at bridging the gap between technical teams and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring effective collaboration and alignment of project goals.skilled in effectively analyzing and interpreting data using advanced analytical tools, aiding in the extraction of valuable insights to guide sound business decisions.skilled at employing process modeling and optimization techniques like bpmn and six sigma to pinpoint inefficiencies and drive operational improvements.skilled at methodically eliciting and documenting requirements, guaranteeing the development of solutions that align with exact business needs.experienced in data analysis, employing advanced techniques to uncover actionable insights from complex datasets, driving informed decision-making.capable of systematically collecting and documenting requirements, enabling the creation of solutions that accurately address specific business requirements.

Business Analyst
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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