Procurement executive - saudi arabia, merimbula

As a procurement executive, you will be responsible for developing and implementing procurement strategies to effectively source and secure high-quality materials, goods, and services required for the organization's operations.conduct thorough market research and remain updated on industry trends to uncover opportunities for cost savings and process enhancements within procurement.collaborate extensively with various departments to grasp procurement requirements and engage with potential suppliers to ensure advantageous terms and quality consistency.undertake extensive market research and stay informed about industry trends, pinpointing avenues for cost-efficiency improvements and process upgrades in procurement.carry out in-depth market research and stay attuned to industry trends, recognizing possibilities for cost-saving initiatives and process advancements in the procurement domain.construct and operationalize procurement approaches to secure essential resources, contributing to the organization's uninterrupted functionality.source materials and services as per required projects’ needs. evaluate suppliers and mitigate supplies risk.establish business relationships with suppliers.negotiate contracts/amcs.knowledge of erp system.knowledge of logistics process. skillsattention to detail and analytical skills: precision in managing procurement data, analyzing spending patterns, and generating reports is vital. the procurement executive should possess strong analytical skills to derive insights, track key performance indicators, and drive data-driven improvements in the procurement in-depth understanding of market trends, pricing dynamics, and emerging procurement technologies is essential for the procurement executive role.the procurement executive position mandates excellent communication and negotiation abilities to nurture strong supplier partnerships, securing advantageous terms and superior performance.the procurement executive position requires meticulous attention to detail and strong analytical prowess to handle procurement data and implement data-oriented enhancements.for the procurement executive position, candidates should have strong communication and negotiation skills to cultivate positive supplier interactions, resulting in beneficial terms and optimal performance.we're looking for candidates with a proven track record of at least 3 years in procurement or related roles for the procurement executive position, illustrating their skills in managing procurement workflows and nurturing supplier partnerships.

Procurement Executive
Saudi Arabia, Merimbula ,Ula
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