Cctv operator - united arab emirates, dubai

Responsibilities:installation and configuration:install, configure, and set up cctv systems according to client specifications.mount and secure cameras, ensuring optimal placement for effective surveillance coverage.program and integrate cctv systems with other security components if necessary.maintenance and repair:conduct routine inspections to identify and resolve issues with cctv equipment.perform regular maintenance tasks to ensure the longevity and functionality of surveillance systems.diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems with cameras, recorders, and related components.upgrades and system expansion:stay informed about the latest cctv technologies and recommend system upgrades to enhance performance.assist in the expansion of existing cctv systems to accommodate additional surveillance needs.quality assurance:conduct quality checks on installed systems to ensure they meet industry standards and client expectations.ensure that cctv systems comply with relevant regulations and guidelines.documentation and reporting:maintain accurate records of all installations, upgrades, and maintenance activities.generate detailed reports on system performance, issues, and resolutions for clients and internal use.customer support:provide excellent customer service by addressing client inquiries, concerns, and requests promptly.offer technical support and guidance to clients on the use of cctv systems.skillsqualifications:proven experience as a cctv technician or in a similar knowledge of cctv systems, surveillance equipment, and related technologies.proficient in the installation and configuration of cctv cameras, dvrs, nvrs, and other relevant components.strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.familiarity with networking principles and the ability to integrate cctv systems with existing networks.excellent attention to detail and a commitment to quality work.effective communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with clients.physical fitness and the ability to work at heights and in various environmental conditions.relevant certifications (e.g., cctt, bicsi) are a plus.

CCTV Operator
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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