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WTP Job Summary:

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of water treatment plant for drinking water
supply and high purity water treatment plant for distilled water supply in Laboratory and
Renal Dialysis Department. Also the operation and maintenance of electric hot boilers and
water pumps. Follows all hospital and department policies and procedures and
international standards.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

• Ensures through his actions, either directly or indirectly, that a superior quality of medical
treatment, compassion and understanding is given to every patient served at the NMC
Hospitals and Clinics.
• Operates the following:
• Water treatment plant
• High purity water treatment plant
• Electric Hot boilers
• Demineralization plant
• Monitoring of Vacuum and Medical Air.
• Monitors the operation of these plants and equipment to see that all operating details are
performed promptly and efficiently.
• Documents the audits carried out monthly to ensure that these plants consistently
produce a standard quality and quantity that meets the department standard.
• Maintains raw water treatment with correct chemical dosages to ensure Infection Control
Standards are met and is trouble free equipment and piping system as per department
standards that meet the JCIA standard.
• Ensures analysis of the water passing though the plant as necessary to monitor efficiency
in operation and to provide satisfactory records.
• Maintains all equipment comprising the plant, in good working condition as per
preventive maintenance program.
• Ensures that all precautions are taken necessary for the safety of personal and property is
carried out per department policy.
• Keeps correct and accurate records of operations and submits reports to the Engineer
• Conducts work in a professional manner and maintains patient’s confidentiality when
• Follows all department polices and procedures.
• Participates in on-going education program developed by the department, e.g.
Department Policy and Procedures, Fire Safety, Risk Management, Environmental control.
• Performs other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of the employee’s
knowledge, skills and abilities.


A minimum of:
• High School graduate/Technical School Diploma.
• University degree with related component.
• Five (5) years experience in any mechanical plant work and plumbing works.
• Two (2) years experience in any water treatment plant operation and maintenance.
• Fluency in verbal and written English.
• Mechanical and plumbing works.
• Exhibits excellent interpersonal communication skills

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