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Program Director - Addiction Services - Women's Residence - New Day

Cambridge, MA

Req #629

Mission Statement:
Bay Cove Human Services partners with people to overcome challenges and realize personal potential.

Job Summary:
It is the mission of the Bay Cove Treatment Center to help individuals with opioid use disorder to achieve a recovering lifestyle. This mission is accomplished through the use of medication for opioid use disorder (either through the modality of detoxification or maintenance) and by outpatient individual and group counseling (on site and via telehealth platforms), drug screening, and added services including case management, recovery support, HIV/AIDS treatment, and family/couples counseling as needed. This is an exempt position.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Recruit, interview and hire appropriate applicants for management/supervisory positions
Provide weekly (and more frequently as needed) supervision for all managers
Prepare and present performance evaluations to all managers
Provide corrective action for unit supervisors as needed
Preside over weekly management and monthly staff meetings

Essential Functions of Position:

Responsible for defining with staff, consumers and community participators, the scope, purposes and philosophy of opioid treatment program and for translating this into appropriate policies and procedures
Oversight and delegation of responsibility for various program components to competent staff members, defining tasks and job descriptions for each portion
Setting up effective systems for administration, treatment, referrals, discharge, follow-up
Responsible for overseeing effective financial management procedures, quality assurance review, in-service staff training, clients rights and confidentiality
Plan, outline and organize the program's goals and objectives
Initiate and maintain program relations with community agencies
Attract new and/or supplementary funds to support program activities
Prepare reports/proposals as required by local, state and federal authorities
Oversee new and existing grants awarded to the program
Participation in clinical tasks including intake evaluation, on-going individual and group treatment, case presentations, supervision, consultation, and education both within the clinic and the community
Coordinate and oversee the quarterly review of client charts
Perform other duties as needed

Requirements for the position:

LICSW with a minimum of five years of clinical experience
Minimum 3 years administrative experience in a community social action program, addictions treatment facility, urban planning group or related training
Demonstrated knowledge of local, state and federal funding sources for substance use treatment and control programs
Demonstrated knowledge about community health and mental health agencies and justice systems
Demonstrated ability to formulate, critically evaluate and interpret theoretical and empirical research studies of substance use and related medical, psychological and sociological issues
Demonstrated understanding of the disease concept of addiction and familiarity with the various resources that are organized to effect rehabilitation
A COVID-19 vaccination is a requirement of the position. One COVID-19 shot is acceptable, contingent on the individual receiving the second shot within the allotted time frame.

Personal Characteristics:

Must have the ability and willingness to work with individuals in a respectful and compassionate manner
Must have good communication, teaching, motivational, organizational, negotiating and leadership skills
Must be able to set limits and maintain appropriate professional boundaries with clients and staff
Must be able to abide by a strict professional code of ethics
Ability to work as a team member as well as independently
Ability to function under pressure in a fast paced environment
Must be flexible with schedule

Physical Requirements


More info: compensation: To Be Determined
employment type: full-time

Comp Expat
United States, boston
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