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Attention: virtual sales appointment setter

we are a leading personal development and coaching organization for men based out of san diego, ca. we've already changed the lives of thousands of men, and we're ready to help thousands more. that's where you come in!

what you are selling:

online personal development training programs helping men become stronger more confident men so they can have more success in their lives and relationships. you are not asking for money from the prospect, you are only qualifying prospects from a list of warm leads who applied to learn more about our services or are already a customer.

no cold calling.

major benefits of working with us:

promote a service that you feel good about going hard on and can fully stand behind.

the service offered provides immense life changing value to the clients. the client is winning with every call you book because of your efforts.

you have the freedom to make calls over the phone remotely from your home office.

write your own check every month because we provide warm leads to dial daily – the more productive and focused you are the more you'll earn!

this position is perfect for someone who wants to work part time from home, no commute, has other side hustles and passion they want to pursue yet wants to ensure they have a reliable solid base pay to cover rent/bills.

ultimately, having a job that you can link meaning and fulfillment to with your hard earned sales skills to help others better their lives is a priceless feeling that drives you to be more successful, earn more money and change more lives.

compensation (part time, 6 hours a day, remote)

sales appointment setters earn a guaranteed base pay plus a performance commission for every deal sold that the setter booked.

desired skills

1. qualifying prospects over the phone and setting up the sales rep for success to make a sale.

2. qualifying using a proven script and read it without sounding like you're reading.

3. able to be confident, enthusiastic, concise and clear when speaking over the phone (not sound like a robot or have monotone voice).

4. experience using crms, online calendars, voip phones, meeting tools (skype, zoom), email and texting. tech "savy" and able to learn new technologies quickly.

5. you really do care about helping people reach their highest potential in life, end settling, achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves personally, romantically and professionally.

now if you realize that true success only comes from hard work, consistent improvement of your wins and losses and a dedication to your craft then you're our kind of team player - apply now!

***respond with the following two action steps***

1. share a brief intro of who you are, why you're a great candidate for this position, why you want to work for a personal development organization, what sales/qualifying/appointment setting experience you have and when you are able to start. bonus if you record the above in a short intro video and attach it to the email.

2. attach your resume or the url to your linkedin profile.

more info: compensation: $40k (part time) employment type: full-time job title: sales appointment setter

United States, phoenix , (google map)
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