Chef de cuisine - united arab emirates, dubai

1. manage daily operations2. plan menus3. create new recipes4. hire and train staff5. maintain relationships with suppliers6. monitor the latest food trends7. manage kitchen staff8. maintain health and safety9. perform quality control10. incorporate customer feedbackskillscreativity: being innovative can allow you to create unique menus and dishes that appeal to and engage customers.flexibility: working as a chef can mean working split shifts, including holidays and weekends.adaptability: in the kitchen, you may encounter issues with product delays or adapting the menu if a particular ingredient becomes unavailable.communication: professional kitchens can be loud, hot and busy, so good communication skills can help team members to understand their roles and responsibilities, reduce stress and keep everyone focused.leadership: establishing clear goals and high standards for the kitchen can ensure everyone understands their role and responsibilities, impacting customer experience and satisfaction.mentoring: good leaders also mentor their staff, helping to guide their team to improve their skills.culinary knowledge: understanding different techniques, flavours and tools can be essential to create interesting and unique dishes.dexterity: chefs typically make detailed cuts and use sharp tools, so dexterity and agility can be important for chefs who work with their hands.physical fitness: you can spend a lot of time on your feet, lifting heavy ingredients or tools or walking around the kitchen to assist or inspect your team.

Chef de Cuisine
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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