Light driver - united arab emirates, dubai

Operate company vehicles in a safe and responsible manner, adhering to all traffic laws and regulations while ensuring the timely and efficient transportation of passengers and/or goods.strategically map out routes for optimal travel time and fuel efficiency, taking into account factors such as traffic, weather, and road closures to secure punctual arrivals.safely maneuver company vehicles, observing traffic laws, to guarantee secure and efficient passenger and goods transportation.display a robust safety commitment by strictly adhering to prescribed emergency protocols and demonstrating skillful vehicle handling in unfavorable conditions or unforeseen obstacles.demonstrate superior customer service skills by maintaining a respectful and professional approach while engaging with passengers, attending to their inquiries, and aiding them on their travel path.skillsclean driving record: applicants must possess a clean driving record, devoid of major traffic violations or accidents, ensuring safe and responsible driving habits.a clean and accident-free driving history is essential for all candidates.possession of an up-to-date and valid driver's license is necessary.the ideal candidate will have a history of safe driving without any major violations.this position requires individuals who can handle physically demanding responsibilities.time management expertise is required to minimize delays and maximize efficiency.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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