Seeking Part Time In Home Care Giver for Trans Man in Long Beach 20Hr Long Beach - Losangeles jobs

I am seeking a part time care giver for myself to help me around the house.

About me:
-trans, queer (he/him/his)
-wheel chair user but can walk when I’m feeling well
-fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue
-I have a small dog named Scruffy who will also be in the house

Job Description:

Main Tasks
-Vacuuming the floor
-Preparing meals for the week to go in the fridge (Gluten Free, I have a moderate allergy), tell me what you like to cook! I especially like Asian food :)
-Driving me to errands and appointments
-Help running errands, picking things up, going to the grocery store (less often)
-loading and unloading wheelchair from the car (light manual chair, does not fold, and 60 lb folding power wheelchair but I have a lift on my car for that)
-making up the bed
-doing laundry (on site)
-cleaning the bathroom

Sometimes Tasks
-Help with tasks, example: help sorting out clothes to take to goodwill, organizing books/comics, giving Scruffy a bath, picking up dog poop in backyard, watering yard, cleaning wheelchair, and other miscellaneous things
-sometimes clean the kitchen
-Sometimes need help with getting in and out of the shower, clipping nails, washing legs and feet (sometimes it’s hard for me to reach/get over the lip of the tub on my own (5’2”, 140 lbs)

-Does NOT need assistance transferring from wheelchair, so you don’t have to worry about that
-You will NOT need to do all of these things every week, just what you have time to do in the shift and I will let you know what the priorities are when you come over
-Can pay in Cash or Venmo
-I’m thinking 1-2 days a week 5-6 hr shifts, to start, days and times are flexible, let’s talk about what works for your schedule, weekdays preferred, not sure exactly how many hours I need, might need less, might need more will figure that out as we work together. Start at 1 day and if I need more go up, length of shift also negotiable
-looking to hire as soon as possible

-LGBTQ friendly, and/or LGBTQ yourself! Comfortable with trans bodies. Roommate and I are both queer and I’m trans.
-Have your own transportation and drivers license
-Experience with care giving preferred, whether that’s job experience or care giving for someone in your personal life
-Nice to spend time with, friendly
-Ok with medical marijuana being used in the house
-Good with dogs, Scruffy is friendly and easy to get along with, she’s about 15 lbs
-Any gender/age
-Good communicator
-Comfortable with gluten free cooking
-willing to register with IHSS if I can get approved for it

Please Send
-your experience with care giving and references
-your preferred schedule
-a quick “about you”
-your phone number so I can contact you for an in person interview

Thank you! Jake

Address:De Forest Ave near Spring St

More info: compensation: 20$/hr
employment type: part-time

Comp Expat
United States, losangeles , (google map)
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