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A private, New York-based tutoring and learning company is looking to hire new, qualified tutors, primarily for early childhood and elementary level students, but we do work with older grades. We have a warm, welcoming, family-style work environment and work as a team to continue making our company a prominent member of the communities we serve.

Requirements for the ideal candidate:

- MUST have a bachelor's degree and in be in some form of either graduate studies or working in a related field to education.

- MUST speak native level, non-accented English.

- MUST have a minimum of 3-4 days. The ideal candidate must also be available to work at minimum 8-12 hours weekly.

- STRONGLY PREFERRED bilingual in Russian or Hebrew.

- MUST have experience with education, and or related fields including speech, psychology, speech language pathology, early childhood development, etc.

About the job:

- You will be working primarily as at the office or an in-home tutor, holding sessions at students' houses. Should you wish to wear a mask, we will provide this. Lessons may be one on one or in small groups of 3-5 kids.

- You should go through training to get a job.

- Salary ranges from $20-40/hour depending on qualifications and whether you're working online or in person, and for private sessions or in groups.

- You will be required to sign a year-long contract, non-disclosure agreement, confidentiality agreement, and non-compete agreement. We do not allow dual employment with another tutoring company or privately offered tutoring while working with our company.

- We provide all materials and tools for your work, and offer consistent guidance throughout your initial working period and beyond. We invest in our tutors and build a long-lasting relationship with our team members and clientele.

- Our clientele are of a particular caliber and require discretion, professionalism, and top-notch results. You will be trained in the latest educational methodologies, including those developed by our company's founder. You should be familiar with the NYS standards as well.

If you feel as though you are a good fit for this position, please send your resume, a cover letter describing your candidacy, work availability, salary requirements, and a brief description of yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: any applications received missing any of the above factors or those not meeting the requirements listed will not be considered. Please be sure that you have carefully read all aspects of this position.

Address:Queens Blvd

More info: compensation: $20-40/hour
employment type: part-time

United States, newyork , (google map)
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