Summary Plans,organizes, and directs all activities of Radiation Therapy Department.Develops, modifies, and implements departmental policies and procedures.Coordinates with other departments essential for smooth running of thedepartment processes. Ensures and promotes professional growth and performanceimprovement plans for the department.Essential Responsibilities and Duties 2. Establishes and maintains policies,procedures, standards, job descriptions, and objectives for efficient patientcare and departmental operations. 3. Interprets and administers Hospital policiesas applicable, ensures compliance, and reports/advises as required. 4. Provides a safe and harmonious environmentfor all staff. 5. Recommends and assigns suitable staff tothe positions available. Evaluates staff performance and makes recommendationsto Hospital management as needed. 6. Advises Director, Oncology Centre as neededregarding issues related to Radiation Therapy Department. 7. Liaises with Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics,and Clinical Engineering staff to ensure patient, equipment and safety relatedissues resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner. 8. Achieves and maintains a close liaison withall Radiation Therapy staff, and ensures regular meetings are held withrelevant groups and that agreed decisions are followed. 9. Plans for the future growth of RadiationTherapy at Hospital and within the Kingdom in collaboration with the RadiationOncology. 10. Develops and recommends department andcapital equipment budget. Maintainsdepartment budget within allocated funds in collaboration with the RadiationOncology. 11. Encourages actively Saudi nationals topursue a career in Radiation Therapy, supports current training facilities, andmakes recommendations regarding future training programs in Radiation therapyfor Saudi staff. 12. Ensures the accurate statistical data iscollated and utilized appropriately for the Department. 13. Recommends and implements improvements inpatient care, treatment techniques and staff organization. 14. Enhances professional growth anddevelopment through in-service meetings, educational programs, currentliteratures, conferences, seminars, and workshops. 15. Represents the Department in Committees,Taskforces and other working groups as assigned. 16. Follows all Hospital related policies andprocedures. 17. Participates in self and others education,training and development, as applicable. 18. Performs other related duties as assigned.Education Bachelor'sDegree in Radiation Therapy or country of origin equivalent is required.Experience Required Other Requirements(Certificates) * Current certification isrequired.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
Health Care
السعودية, الرياض ,Saudi Arabia
Not disclosed AED
Permanent Job,Full time
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