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JOB DESCRIPTION .Lead on the strategies, delivery and management of all sport physiotherapy programs. .Helps the development and implementation of sport intelligence and data science strategy. .Assist in athletes profiling prior/post entering. Identify and report potential athletes programs. .Monitor the impact of players from a physiotherapy perspective .Support the talent system incorporating a developmental from sport physiotherapy perspective .Research, develop and apply methods of measuring the athlete's performance .Ensure the development, documentation, communication and effective implementation of sport physiotherapy strategy. .Recruit, manage and support the sport physiotherapy teams to collaboratively develop strategies to support continuous improvement and delivery the time targets .Establish and manage strong partnerships with internal (MOS, SAOC, NFs, SFSM) and external stakeholders (universities, schools) if needed Manage the budget and finances of the sport physiotherapy programs QUALIFICATIONS .Master's degree or PhD program in sports medicine and rehabilitation. .Must have a valid Basic life support license as a minimum requirement, preferably more advanced licenses such as ATLS, Sports injury course. .Must have a valid SCFHS license .Demonstrable program management experience and skillsets with a proven strategic and operational implementation track record .PM qualifications (Preferably) .Fluent in English

السعودية, الرياض ,Saudi Arabia
Not disclosed AED
Permanent Job,Part time
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